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We believe the way forward for humanity is more unity and fewer silos. The world of business has become all about business - and is rarely based on wisdom from broader sources. Launched on the 50th anniversary of International Earth Day, Heartful Academy brings you weekly, free, online sessions. Join for inspiring, useful and breathtaking insights from: Nature, Psychology, Philosophy, Spirituality and Science.
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Wisdom for Leaders of the Future

Heartful Academy brings you wisdom and inspiration via weekly online sessions, which are free to join. Get access to replays of previous sessions here.

Heartful Academy Session Replays

Our live online events are free to attend. To receive unlimited access to the full replays we charge a small amount in order to cover the video editing costs.

Rich insights and inspiration

From domains of knowledge often overlooked by traditional education

  • Psychology & Philosophy

    Wisdom from our most life affirming philosophies, and insights from the vast field of psychology.

  • Spirituality

    Universal and unifying spiritual understanding.

  • Science & Nature

    Leading edge scientific discoveries, and wisdom from Mother Nature herself.

What participants say:

Uplifting events!

by Marianne Vestergaard Nielsen, Founder at Familieskatten

Thank you for offering very uplifting events in 2020 - both online and face to face. You are spreading heatfelt ripples throughout the universe. Thanks for bringing your visions to life.

Deep level of meaning, sincerity and relevance!

by Jesper Ohrt Juel Jensen, Managing Director at

Heartful Academy sessions are some of the only online events that I rigorously attend due to the deep level of meaning, sincerity and relevance that they provide me with as a business leader, and as a curious person. The sessions are inclusive, inspirational and give me a boost of so much energy even after a long working day. I highly recommend any business leader to attend these sessions.

A wide range of inspiring seminars

by Jakob Torring, Recruitment Partner - Commercial Shipping and Commodity Trading at MARPRO

Thank you for a range of inspiring seminars. Especially the last one from Tuesday by Neale Donald Walsh has touched me deeply. I have read one of his books. I know his story and I know of what he is driven by but seeing him and hearing him…WOW!

Truly inspired and energized after every session

by Felix Wittke, Doctoral Candidate at HHL Leipzig

Thank you so much for bringing such a heartful community to life! I feel truly inspired and energized every session, and yet, this one with Neale was beyond incredible!

A peaceful bay for the mind

by Marina Karaneuskaya, Sales Relationship Manager | Mental Health Activist | Mentor

Thank you so much for creating this amazing community, I am sure I would not exaggerate if I say that this has been a peaceful bay for the mind in a modern world stormy waters of anxiety and stress. :) So thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your work, for moderating this community, finding amazing speakers and asking them so important life questions. I have discovered many wise thoughts listening to the conversations and Q&A!

Business and spirituality brought together!

by Amita Sanghrajka, Director at City Dynamics

I’ve enjoyed all the organised talks over the last 6-7 months and have truly found them inspiring. I’ve always struggled with the disconnect between business and spirituality and it’s lovely to come across an organisation whose aim I feel is bring the two together. Thank you for all the sessions!

Heartful Academy are doing great work in making the world a better place

by Victor Brown, Founder & CEO at Xcellent Life

In today’s world, which is very polarized and full of social unrest, there are perceived differences that exacerbate those challenges. However, it is the recognition of the core similarities, basic needs, and shared interest that are more powerful in moving our society forward in a better way. It is imperative that leaders understand this and promote this within their organizations so more people are conditioned to contribute to society in positive and inclusive ways, rather than be driven by fears of perceived differences. Heartful Academy are doing great work in making the world a better place by helping leaders tap into their purpose and important ways in which they can contribute to making the world a better place

Truly meaningful!

by Laura Lorenzen, Sustainability & People Manager at IMPACTR

Thanks for all the genuine heartful work you put into this - It is truly meaningful!

It's like coming home!

by Vanja Sekic, Business Analyst at GlobalConnect

You elevate my spirits up and Heartful Academy is like homecoming for me.

Absolutely amazing!

Katya Vasileva - Filipova, Regional Representative at ED&F Man Ingredients

I am present at each session and it is absolutely amazing!

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